Common Questions

  1. Is having my data in Smart HOA more secure than my office computer?
    Yes. Office computers are subject to theft and vandalism; our servers are housed in one of the top secure data center facilities in the nation with restricted access. In addition to that offices don’t have the same level hardware and software to protect against cyber intrusion, viruses, spyware and malware that this facility and Smart HOA provide. For more details visit our security section.
  2. Does Smart HOA need to be installed on my computer to be able to use it?
    No; Smart HOA is a web based software which you access through your browser like any other website.
  3. I have a large office with a lot of staff; can they all use Smart HOA at the same time?
  4. I am currently using different management software but want to switch to Smart HOA, can you help me import my data?
    Yes. Contact us for more information.
  5. What are the system requirements to run Smart HOA?
    Smart HOA is a web application and because of that is very light and can run on any computer that has internet access and a modern web browser. It can also run on tablets and smart phones.
  6. How much does Smart HOA cost?
    For pricing information please visit our pricing section or contact us today to get your customized no obligation quote.
  7. Are there any cancelation fees?
  8. Does Smart HOA help us go paperless?
    Yes. Smart HOA helps you go paperless and many ways; it keeps your data electronically, allows for attaching files to homeowners, generate a list of homeowner email addresses for homeowners who opt in to email notifications instead of by traditional mail and more.
  9. Does Smart HOA work on an Apple computer?
  10. Does Smart HOA work on tablets?
  11. My community has a marina so many of our homeowners have boats; does Smart HOA allow us to track boats?
    Yes, we have a vehicles section that allows for the entry of all types of vehicles including cars, boats, bikes and more.
  12. Our association is very small with fewer than 10 units; what benefits does Smart HOA offer to associations of our size?
    Record keeping is very beneficial to small associations because they are often self-managed with no onsite manager or personnel. Often routine maintenance falls through the cracks and work that has been performed is not kept track of. Even simple things like parking spot disputes can arise if records aren’t kept. These types of problems in small associations get even further complicated as ownership changes hand and records literally walk away. Using Smart HOA is an effective way to keep records and maintain the beauty and value of your property.
  13. How computer savvy do I have to be to be able to use Smart HOA?
    If you can browse the internet then you can use Smart HOA.
  14. If I need support where do I go to get it?
    You can contact us by email or phone. We also have video tutorials for each of the modules and control panel items that explain how to use Smart HOA.
  15. How many users can I have? Does it cost more?
    You can have as many users as you want at no extra charge.
  16. How much attachment storage space do I get? What if I need more?
    Every Smart HOA customer receives 2 GigaBytes of storage space. If you need more there is more space available at a nominal charge.
  17. Can I restrict access to sensitive data to certain users?
    Yes. We have built in a very flexible permissions manager to allow you to restrict access to certain sections and fields for certain users.
  18. Does Smart HOA do accounting?
    Smart HOA does not do accounting; however a link to QuickBooks Online is currently in development which will provide an integrated accounting solution.
  19. Do I need to purchase any other equipment or software to run Smart HOA?
    No. The only equipment you need is a computer with internet access.