Full Web Based Solution. Smart HOA is a fully web based "in the cloud" solution that offers superior security, value, mobility, and features to help you manage your community. There is no software to install on your computer!

Paperless Office. Managers, maintenance, security and any other key employees authorized by the manager can attach documents, photos, work orders, incident reports, etc. to property records, eliminating the need for file cabinets, banker boxes, and storage facilities.

HOA Documents. As with units Smart HOA allows for attaching HOA documents to the office account which allows for easy access and safe storage.

Auto Save. With Smart HOA you will never forget to save your work because it automatically saves your work as you go.

Keeps You Logged In. Unlike most in the cloud applications Smart HOA keeps you logged in so you don’t have to put up with the hassle of constantly being logged out.

Modular. Our modular design allows your community to purchase only the sections that you need and save money by not paying for things you don’t. Just another way that Smart HOA saves you money.

User Friendly. Smart HOA was designed to be easy to use; we utilize large unique icons and large high contrast buttons to make navigating quick and easy. The interface features an uncluttered clean look with clear, easy to understand labels.

Data Security

Protection. You no longer have to fear losing data due to hardware failure, equipment theft or vandalism because your information is housed remotely in one of the top secure data center facilities in the nation with continuous backups for an extra level of data protection. Learn more details by visiting our security section.

Staff Access. Managers can designate which staff members have access to the program and how much access they have. For example, Security could have access to security related data (resident contact information, vehicle information, access authorizations, etc.), and maintenance could only view work orders, completed work and so on.

Information Management

Homeowner InformationMember/Tenant Information. The program allows you to track contact information (names, addresses, phones, emails, and emergency contacts), pets, vehicles, storage spaces, etc. It also keeps all historical records from owner-to-owner plus tenants as the property changes hands.

Homeowner PortalHomeowner Portal
Give homeowners and board members access to view and manage membership information, guest lists, and packages through an easy-to-use website.

IncidentsIncidents. The program generates and tracks incidents and violation notices in addition to actions taken. Copies of the hearing notices are attached to the file for easy access. Photos can also be attached for easy viewing at rules hearings.

Work OrdersWork Orders. Create and track work orders including who picked up the order and when. There is even a printable version for the engineer to use which includes lines for notes for onsite use.

MaintenanceMaintenance. Generate bulk work orders for association wide maintenance.

ParkingParking. A specialized parking screen for use by associations with valet staff. Allows staff to quickly look up vehicle and parking space information.

Guest AccessGuest Access. The Smart HOA access module allows your staff to see and edit who has authorized entry and provides the ability to print guest parking passes on the fly.

Moving and DeliveriesMoving and Deliveries. Controls moving and important deliveries including damage deposits and special instructions.

Package TrackingPackage Tracking. Provides the ability to track packages being received and picked up; Smart HOA is compatible with barcode readers for quickly being able to scan in a tracking number.

ArchitecturalArchitectural. Tracks all aspects of renovations including permits, contractors and more.


Mailing Labels & Membership Lists. SmartHOA allows you to print (1) full mailing labels and membership lists, (2) labels & lists minus members who opt-out, and (3) labels and lists restricted to opt-outs for easy compliance with applicable statutes.

Mobility. 100% cloud based interface. There is no software to install and nothing to network; Smart HOA is accessible from any internet device (desktop computer, laptop, notebook, netbook, iPad or smart phone). Once an account is opened, managers have an instantly functioning management system.