50 cents per unit/month


  • Homeowner record
  • Tenant record
  • Homeowner Archive
  • Tenant archive
  • Parking and storage space manager
  • Vehicle record
  • Emergency preparedness report
  • Pets record
  • Membership list report
  • Mailing labels
  • Keys record
  • Homeowner billing info record
  • Attachments for clipping files, photos, videos and more to HOA and Unit records for paperless storage.
Smart HOA is available to you starting at 50 cents per unit per month with a $14.99 minimum monthly purchase.

Additional Modules to Fit Your Needs

Additional modules are 10 cents each

Homeowner PortalHomeowner Portal
Give homeowners and board members access to view and manage membership information, guest lists, and packages through an easy-to-use website.

IncidentsIncidents. The program generates and tracks incidents and violation notices in addition to actions taken. Copies of the hearing notices are attached to the file for easy access. Photos can also be attached for easy viewing at rules hearings.

Work OrdersWork Orders. Create and track work orders including who picked up the order and when. There is even a printable version for the engineer to use which includes lines for notes for onsite use.

MaintenanceMaintenance. Generate bulk work orders for association wide maintenance.

ParkingParking. A specialized parking screen for use by associations with valet staff. Allows staff to quickly look up vehicle and parking space information.

Guest AccessGuest Access. The Smart HOA access module allows your staff to see and edit who has authorized entry and provides the ability to print guest parking passes on the fly.

Moving and DeliveriesMoving and Deliveries. Controls moving and important deliveries including damage deposits and special instructions.

Package TrackingPackage Tracking. Provides the ability to track packages being received and picked up; Smart HOA is compatible with barcode readers for quickly being able to scan in a tracking number.

ArchitecturalArchitectural. Tracks all aspects of renovations including permits, contractors and more.